Jen’s Weekly !LIVE! Music Calendar Thur. May 24 – Sun May 27

Thursday May 24
Th Kicks, Angleton: Leavin’ Sundown  Country
Th Belles Landing, E. Columbia:  
Th Cooter Browns Country Club, Brazoria:   Cattle Prod   Country
Th KC’s on the Creek: Oyster Creek    Country
Th Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton: 
Th Pier 30, Surfside: Karoake by Karoake Concepts
Th Shady’s Porch Pub , Angleton: 
Th Scotties Lounge, Freeport: Digital Jukebox

Friday May 25
Fr Angleton Icehouse: 
Fr Armadillo BallroomBrazoria:  Cheyenne Country 

Fr Belle’s Landing, E Columbia:   Joe Calderon    Acoustic

Fr Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside: 
Fr Club VIP, Freeport: DJ – Variety Dance DJ
Fr Cooter Brown’s Country Club, Brazoria: Cattleprod Country
Fr KC’s on the Creek: Oyster Creek
Fr Kicks, Angleton: Kicks, Angleton:     Leavin’ Sundown  Country
Fr Iron Cactus BBQ & Grill , Sargent     Country
Fr Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton:  Boogie Knights!!! DJ
Fr Pier 30, Surfside: The Voo Doo Dolls  Rock
Saturday, May 26 

Sa Angleton Icehouse:  

Sa Armadillo Ballroom,  Brazoria   Chris Brade opening for Kevin Fowler Country***

Sa Belle’s Landing,  E. Columbia:  The Silverado Band  Country
Sa  Beach Bait and Tackle, Surfside 

Sa Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside:  Country
Sa Club VIP, FreeportDJ – Variety/Dance
Sa KC’s on the Creek, Turtle Cove: 
Sa  Kicks, Angleton:   Leavin’ Sundown  Country    
Sa Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton:  
Sa Pier 30, Surfside:  Electric Soul  Rock
Sa Ronnie’s Icehouse, Brazoria: 
Sa Rumors Nightclub, Freeport:
Sa Scotties Lounge, Freeport: Internet Jukebox
Sa Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton: 
Sa Sharkies on the Beach: Surfside

Sa Tammy’s Tavern, Freeport:    
Sa West of the Brazos: Damon   

Sunday, May 27
Su Hammerhead’s Surfside:  Country
Su Cooter Brown’s Country Club, Brazoria:  Charlie Carter, Amanda Zapata Price + More! 
Su Pier 30, Surfside:  Nigel Edison Band
Su Bridge Bait and Tackle, Surfside: Could be anyone who shows up and wants to jam!
Su Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton
Su Sharkies on the Beach: Surfside

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