Go Texans! Robert Ellis and The Richards on the River this weekend – Enjoy!

TGIAF (Almost Friday)! Can there  be little else on everyone’s mind outside of The Texans game this weekend? YES! We’ve got some exciting acts coming to town and some local faves to say hello to!

I’m excited about Belles Landing and Robert Ellis on Friday + I’m interviewing the Richards there on Saturday! The Richards have been great about keeping in touch and sending some recordings…wow! Their vocals are so tasty they reminded me of some of the great folk and pop singers of the 60′s but their genre claim is: Texas Reggae – Yow! My interest is peaked. I’ll be sharing my interview with The Richards in a few weeks and you can taste for yourselves!

Robert Ellis is appearing Friday night at Belles Landing:
“Equally inspired by Jackson Browne and George Jones.” -NY Times
“the amiable singer projects a Zen sense of calm…whether he’s singing about growing old or getting even. He’s only 22, but sounds well acquainted with both” -Spin 

“Beautifully simple songs that will strike a chord from Tennessee to Trondheim.” -Mojo 

The New York Times quote was what grabbed me – in fact, anything that says George Jones is gonna grab me! Soooo….I did what I always do when something interests me: I headed over to YouTube to check out Robert Ellis. My immediate reaction was: Dan Fogelberg (and not just because of the long hair…), he has that same sense of honesty and personal connection to his music…I never got the feel that either was trying to appeal to a popular audience; but their creations are so heartfelt they can’t help but resonate with millions.

Check out any viddy on YouTube in the meantime, let’s start with Photograph: 
Jen’s Weekly !LIVE! Music Calendar:
Thursday, Jan 5- Sunday Jan 8, 2012
Thursday Jan 5
Th Kicks, Angleton: Jody Booth Country
Th Belles Landing, E. Columbia: 

Th Cooter Browns Country Club, Brazoria: TBA
Th Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton: Karaoke

Th Pier 30, Surfside: Musicians JAM NIGHT! Musicians are invited to jam!  
Th Shady’s Porch Pub , Angleton: 
Th Scotties Lounge, Freeport: Juke Box Fun!
Friday Jan 6
Fr Angleton Icehouse:
Fr Armadillo BallroomBrazoria: Pat Waters Traditional Country & Honky Tonk
Fr Belle’s Landing, E Columbia: Robert Ellis: Acoustic Country 9pm
Fr Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside: 
Fr Cooter Brown’s Country Club, Brazoria:  TBA
Fr Kicks, Angleton: Kicks, Angleton: Jody Booth Country
Fr Hammerhead Bar, Surfside:
Fr Iron Cactus BBQ & Grill , Sargent   Benny Notgrass  Country
Fr Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton: 
Fr Pier 30, Surfside: 
Fr Ronnie’s Icehouse, Brazoria: 
Fr Rumors Nightclub, Freeport: DJ Fuego: Tito’s Birthday Party – NO COVER!
FrScotties Lounge, Freeport: Best Jukebox in Town!
Fr Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton:
Fr Tammy’s Tavern, Freeport:

Sa Angleton Icehouse: 
Sa Armadillo Ballroom, Brazoria: Desert Roads Band    Country
Sa Belle’s Landing,  E. Columbia: The Richards,  Texas Reggae Country  9pm – 1am
Sa  Beach Bait and Tackle, Surfside  
Sa The Clarion,(B’port Coll.) Clute: Next Scheduled Performance: 1/21/2012
Sa Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside:
Sa Cooter Browns Country Club, Brazoria: TBA
Sa Hammerhead Bar, Surfside:
Sa KC’s on the Creek, Turtle Cove: 
Sa  Kicks, Angleton: Kicks, Angleton: Jody Booth Country     
Sa Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton:  
Sa Pier 30, Surfside: 
Sa Ronnie’s Icehouse, Brazoria:
Sa Rumors Nightclub, Freeport: 
Sa Scotties Lounge, Freeport: 
Sa Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton: 
Sa Tammy’s Tavern, Freeport:
Sa West of the Brazos: Damon    Country
Sunday, Jan 8, 2012
Su Belle’s Landing, E Columbia  Karoake with WinStorm   5-9 pm
Su Pier 30, Surfside: Stone Cold  Classic Rock, Blues, Party Music  3:00
Su Bridge Bait and Tackle, Surfside: Could be anyone who shows up and wants to jam!
Su Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton

See You on The Brazos!

Robert EllisBelles Landing, Saturday Night!

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