The Brazos Belle and The TBC House Band: The Double Headliner at Belles Landing, this Saturday Night!

This Saturday, 11-5-2011 is a day of firsts for “Jen” on the Brazos. Historic East Columbia claims a particularly scenic section of the Brazos River that Jen and friends (that would be YOU!) will be touring aboard the meticulously restored Brazos Belle, the first paddle-wheeled vessel to operate on The Brazos since 1880 (weather conditions permitting).

The Brazos Belle will depart from it’s home at Belle’s Landing at approximately 7:15 marking the beginning of a unique evening of fun and history on the Brazos River! Captain Mike Leebron will lead our historical tour(appr. 1 hour) and bring us back to Belle’s Landing to continue the festivities with The TBC House Band from Austin, TX (showtime: 8:30). Let’s meet at Belles Landing around 6:30; we can purchase beer and  have it iced and loaded aboard the vessle prior to departure. Historic tour: $20-$30 per person depending on quantity – the more the merrier! The Brazos Belle holds appr. 50 – holler at me on Facebook if you’re interested in fun and history on the Brazos this Saturday; we’ll save you a seat. There’s  lots of ‘interest’ so far but still plenty of room for more. You can also contact me at
Belle’s Landing graces the banks of the Brazos River in East Coumbia at Hwy. 35 and boasts a 1929 converted barn that recalls the charm of theTexas Hill Country.

 Put on your party hats, your dancing shoes and your smiley face cause The TBC House Band will begin the musical portion of this fun evening at 8:30. You can NOT spend an evening with The TBC House Band and not have fun…it’s simply impossible!

A quote from The TBC House Band:
 ”The TBC House Band. Part solid rocket booster, part fly rod. We will kick down your door, then walk your Grandmother across a busy street. Simply put, it is the band I have always wanted to be in.”
The TBC House Band exemplifies the best new sound coming out of Austin these days, part ska, reggae, rock, country, and always pure Texan with a jammin’ horn section and kick ass percussionists. I saw these guys a few months ago. They’ve since recorded a new CD which I hope they’ll have Sat. night…I want to hear more of TBC!
It should take you all of about 5 seconds to watch this TBC Live promo viddy to put a smile on your face and know that you’re in for a unique treat this Saturday night at Belle’s Landing – see you there!

Enjoy more of The TBC House Band on Jen the Music Maven’s YouTube Channel!

More excitng Historical Events in the very near future:
Ghosts Along the Brazos! Nov 12
Johnny Pollan of the Brazosport Archeological Society  will be speaking at the Freeport Historical Museum on Sat, Nov. 19th from 2-5. As a former member of the B.A.S. I can vouch for Johnny’s expertise! A guy with this much knowledge is truly fascinating to listen to – please join us!

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