Why I go broke every year at the Brazoria County Fair…

Hi Friends!

Fall must be on its way because the Brazoria County Fair and Halloween are right around the corner! I’m still a kid when it comes to both. If you’ve had a peek at my pictures from previous Halloween parties on my personal Facebook page (please feel free to ‘friend’ me)you can imagine how outrageous this year is going to be if I’m having difficulty talking George into a new ‘outfit!  In the past he’s willingly gone as: a hooker, a nun, Glenda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz and Endora (me as Darren) so you can imagine how outrageous my request is this year if I’m having a bit of difficulty convincing him! FYI: he’s a damn good sport and he loves the attention so I usually don’t have to beg too much.

It’s that fun, frisky time of year – ready for firey colors and crackling wood in the fireplace…I don’t actually have a fireplace but sometimes I turn on the stove to warm up the kitchen and the sound of crackling ceiling paint sounds just like a crackling log in the ol’ fireplace (don’t tell George I do that…it drives him bonkers)!

Let’s get warmed up for the Fair!! Can’t wait to take the g’kids and spend my hard-earned cash on $7cotton candy, $10 soft drinks, $15 dollar rides and $20 sparkley/glowing/blinking/sqishy thingees they can wear on various body parts and are tossed from memory the instant they’re purchased…until the next night when they demand another! I’m warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Who do I think I’m kidding! If either of these kids want anything at the fair…I’m making George buy it for them :-)

I could never say “No” to these 2! She actually slept with that bow in her hair.

Not all of the links are active yet but the entertainment one is kickin’ so here goes. In order of appearance:
Friday, Oct. 14
Charlie Robinson
Stoney Larue
Saturday, Oct. 15
Zack Walther
Scooter Brown Band
Eli Young Band
LOOK! It’s Grupo Vida!
NO! It’s the Electric Cowboys!
IT’S Grupo Vida AND the Electric Cowboys!
 Grupo Vida is a popular Tejano band and has released their first all-country album under the name of The Electric Cowboys…..not to be confused with…
 Looking back, this was kind of racey for 1979…wonder how many takes Jane insisted on doing?!
TAKE 172!

Beer Garden Bands:
Friday 10-114
Dog Town Blues
Saturday 10-15
Grupo Vida
Electric Cowboys
Shelly Lares
Wednesday, Oct 19
DJ Dennie Hernandez
Thursday, Oct. 20
Sourmash Band

Friday, Oct. 21
Joey Mares Band

Saturday, Oct. 22
Keith Frank
The Zydeco Boss

If you want to ROCK this weekend, If you like your BLUES to bite back - come to The Venue In FreeportMIDNITE BLUE BAND is playing!

 Even my little Flip Video Cam can’t make Midnite Blue Band sound less than superb!

Jen’s Weekly !LIVE! Music Calendar: Thurs. Sep 29 thru Sun. Oct 2nd

Thursday Sep 29th
Belle’s Landing, E Columbia:  Benny Notgrass and Matt Edquist  Acoustic Duo
Kicks, Angleton Cheyenne    Country
Hammerheads, Surfside:  APA Pool League – challenge them to a game!
Last Call, Angleton (Old Angleton Rd) D.J. Danny Duke: Karoake Contest: Cash Prizes
The Venue, Freeport: 3G Entertainment & DJ Bino  Dance

Friday Sep 30TH
Fr Angleton Icehouse: NO INFO YET
Fr Armadillo Ballroom, Brazoria: David Glenn Country, Pop, Southern Rock
Fr Belle’s Landing, E Columbia:  2 Smooth 8:00-12:00
Fr Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside: The Edge   Country
Fr Cooter Brown’s Country Club, Brazoria:  Courtney Johnson Country  8pm
Fr Kicks, Angleton: Cheyenne  Country
Fr Hammerhead Bar, Surfside No info available
Fr Iron Cactus BBQ & Grill , Sargent: No Info available (Benny Notgrass: 1st Friday every mo.)
Fr Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton: No Info for live music
Fr Pier 30, Surfside: Trip to Cascity
Fr Rumors Nightclub, Freeport: TBA
Fr: Scotties Lounge, Freeport: Best Jukebox in Town!
Fr Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton:
Fr Tammy’s Tavern, Freeport:
Fr The Venue, Freeport: Midnite Blue  Blues, Rock

Saturday, Nov 1st
Sa Anlgeton Icehouse, Angleton: Dogtown Blues  Blues, Rock
Sa Armadillo Ballroom, Brazoria: Lonely Road Country
Sa Belle’s Landing,  E. Columbia: Ronnie Coleman, Rock 8:00-12:00
Sa  Bridge Bait and Tackle, Surfside:
Sa The Clarion,(B’port Coll.) Clute Restless Heart   Country Tickets: $25-$35 7:30 pm
Sa Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside: Cattleprod Classic Country and Rock
Sa Cooter Browns Country Club, Brazoria: Buck Yeager   Country
Sa Hammerhead Bar, Surfside: No info available for live music
Sa KC’s on the Creek,
Sa Kicks, Angleton : Cheyenne Country
Sa Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton: No Info for live music
Sa Pier 30, Surfside: Midnite Blue Band   Blues, Rock
Sa Rumors Nightclub, Freeport:  TBA
Sa Scotties Lounge, Freeport: Best Jukebox in Town! Next Sat: DJ Danny: Karoake!
Sa Tammy’s Tavern, Freeport: 
Sa  The Venue, Freeport: Joey Mares  Rock

Sunday, Nov 2nd

Su Belle’s Landing, E Columbia  Karoake with WinStorm   5-9 pm
Su Pier 30, Surfside: Stone Cold  Classic Rock, Blues, Party Music  3:00 –
Su Bridge Bait and Tackle, Surfside: Could be anyone who shows up and wants to jam!Su Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton: Brady Brown  Acoustic
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