The TBC House Band from Austin & KC’s on the Creek inTurtle Cove

The TBC House Band and KC’s on the Creek inTurtle Cove
Serendipity: The faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident.
Saturday, Sep. 10, 2011


Jen: Hey, let’s go by KC’s on the Creek. I’ve never been and I want to see it – Andrew Farmer and some of his friends are playing there tonight and I want to photograph it for the blog while it’s empty.
George: Yes, dear…anything you say, dear.
Jen to readers: if only he’d say that…just once!
After several moments of patiently and lovingly enduring George’s grumbling about going with me to take some pics and missing out on serious Saturday potato couching opportunities – we pulled into KC’s on the Creek. Confession: I’d heard about KC’s and for reasons that escape me now, I’d pictured it as a small Gilligan’s Island type hut barely big enough to hold the entire crew of the SS Minnow.
Boy was I in for a surprise!
Walking to the front door…

Loving the view of the beautiful, cloudless sky and digging the groovy surfboard sign…
George takes me ’round to the side to see the creek (Oyster Creek)…
As I rounded the corner to peek inside, I was thinking how heavenly it must be here at night under the stars …when I opened the door and – SURPRISE –  hardly Gilligan’s hut!
Bar detail…
Fun stuff everywhere
Two bars…
Big Gameroom…
And cool/comfy/breezey patio ON the creek!
KC’s was full of pleasant surprises. I didn’t know it at the time, but the best was still yet to come…
George and I arrived late that night (his potato couching lasted longer than usual!) and this is  the scene we walked into…..

Serendipity: KC’s on the Creek and The TBC House Band – a great combination for a celebration. We Brazos folk like to let our hair down and we love places that let us and we adore bands that make us lose control!
The TBC House Band from Austin was there for Andrew Farmer’s birthday -this was one hell of a party! Everyone I spoke with was super-enthusiastic about TBC and rightfully so: fresh, FUN, original, eclectic…what’s not to love?! I knew I wanted to get TBC down here again – ASAP – so all my friends could get to know them and we’d be able to hear them more often!
The TBC House Band will be playing in the loft at Belle’s Landing on Saturday, Nov. 5th. I can’t wait for everyone to hear them - I am SO excited about the prospect of them playing more often in our area! Special thanks to Marlene at Belle’s Landing for being so cool! See you soon :-)

Jen’s Weekly !LIVE! Music Calendar: Fri. Sep 16 thru Sun. Sep 19

Friday Sep 16th
Fr Angleton Icehouse:
Fr Belle’s Landing, E Columbia:  Ronnie Coleman  8:30-11:30
Fr Kicks, Angleton: South Wind   Country
Fr Hammerhead Bar, Surfside No info available
Fr Iron Cactus BBQ & Grill , Sargent: No Info available (Benny Notgrass: 1st Friday every mo.)
Fr Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton:
Fr Pier 30, Surfside: Live Band!
Fr Rumors Nightclub, Freeport: Solido – Tejano from Seguin
Fr: Scotties Lounge, Freeport: Best Jukebox in Town!
Fr Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton:
Fr Tammy’s Tavern, Freeport: Blast from the Past – starts at 8pm
Fr The Venue, Freeport: Stone Cold Classic Rock, Blues, Party Music 
Saturday, Sep 17th
Sa Armadillo Ballroom, Brazoria: Lonely Road Band Country
Sa Belle’s Landing,  E. Columbia: Sonny Boy Terry  Blues Harmonica  9:00 – 1:00
Sa  Bridge Bait and Tackle, Surfside: Could be anyone that stops by to share a tune!
Sa The Clarion,(B’port Coll.) Clute
Sa Cooter Browns Country Club, Brazoria: No Info available
Sa Hammerhead Bar, Surfside: No info available for live music
Sa KC’s on the Creek, Turtle Cove: Ben Tyler Johnson  Country
Sa Kicks, Angleton : South Wind Country
Sa Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton: Eighty Plus  70′s – 90′s Rock
Sa Pier 30, Surfside: Live Band!
Sa Rumors Nightclub, Freeport:  No Info
Sa Scotties Lounge, Freeport: Best Jukebox in Town!
Sa Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton:
Sa Tammy’s Tavern, Freeport: Karoake
Sa  The Venue, Freeport: Dog Town Blues  Blues, Rock
Sunday, Sep 18th
Su Belle’s Landing, E Columbia  Karoake with WinStorm   5-9 pm
Su Pier 30, Surfside: Stone Cold  Classic Rock, Blues, Party Music
Su Bridge Bait and Tackle, Surfside:
Su Shady’s Porch Pub, Angleton

I can’t wait to discover new music and new venues on the Brazos (or creeks!!) soon!
p/s There’s more video of The TBC House Band at: 
I cannot be held responsible for the actions of others while I happen to have a video camera in my hand. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

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