Belle’s Landing in East Columbia on the Brazos – Party Texas Style!

Wow! Looks like I couldn’t have picked a more exciting time to blog about the live music scene and interesting people along the Brazos! The newest member of our Brazos family is:

Belle’s Landing, located at Hwy. 35 @ the Brazos River – can’t miss it. Nestled among a beautiful pecan orchard is a refurbished 1929 barn that houses remarkable local artifacts and fun-lovin’ Texans. Folks – this joint is jumpin’!

1929 Barn with reclaimed wood siding accented by antique doors, transoms, windows and an interesting variety of local historical artifacts.
Plenty of Outside seating (and celebrating)!
Texans love being outdoors!
Belle’s Landing celebrated it’s grand opening last weekend Sat., July 19 with hundreds of friends and local musical faves: Dog Town Blues who…

 performed from a loft-style bandstand – Surprise!

This is Texas style at its best. Acres of pecan trees that provide an abundance of shade, a cool breeze from the Brazos River bottom, rockin’Texas blues on a Saturday night…what’s not to love?!
I’ll be blogging lots more about this place (I haven’t even mentioned the paddlewheel yet!!) – in the meantime: enjoy the newest member of the Brazos family: Welcome Belle’s Landing!
Nautical Artifacts
Jen and Sandra Wood-Wicke
Pattie Reese Cooper,George Hawkins, Corky Parker and friends
There’s some groovy live action crowd footage and video of Dog Town Blues on my YouTube Channel - check it out and leave some comments for our pals at Belle’s Landing and say hello to Dog Town Blues!
Find out more about the history of East Columbia here.
More fun along the Brazos at Scottie’s in sunny downtown Freeport!
The Venue in Freeport: the best live music and dancing in town!
Saturday Night at The Venue : The Bo Counts Band Will be Recording Live! Great Choice Bo Counts – The Venue is perfect for recording!
Jen’s Weekly !Live! Music Forum

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Thursday, July 14
Th Kicks, Angleton: Darwin Macon,  Country (Houston)
Th Pier 30 , Surfside: Karoake Concepts 
Th The Venue, Freeport: DJ Nite: DJ Roddy  Hip Hop/Tejano/Dance
Friday July 15
Fr Armadillo Ballroom, Brazoria: Horizon, Country
Fr Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside: Karoake with Kelly Jansky
Fr The Clarion, Clute (Brazosport College), BC Summer Jazz Band – Free! 7:30 pm
Fr Kicks, Angleton: Darwin Macon, Country (Houston)
Fr Hammerhead Bar, Surfside No info available
Fr Mulberry Bar and Grill, Angleton  3G Entertainment  Dance/Hip Hop/Rock
Fr Pier 30, Surfside: Wiseguy  Classic Rock Covers (Clear Lake)
Fr The Venue, Freeport, Heath Spencer Phillips Show Oldies Rock

Saturday, July 16
Sa Armadillo Ballroom, Brazoria: Lonely Road  Country (Houston)
Sa Belle’s Landing,  E Columbia: Renee King Sonnen, Original and Cover Pop/Country/Jazz/Soul
Sa Castaway Bar and Grill, Surfside  Sonny Wolf Band  Blues  (Austin) 
Sa Hammerhead Bar, Surfside: Live Band (no info available)
Sa Kicks, Angleton: Darwin Macon, Country
Sa Pier 30, Surfside: The Stickup Kids
Sa  The Venue, Freeport: The Bo Counts Band  So. Texas Country Originals and Covers. Bo Counts Will be Recording Live at The Venue Tonight!
Sa VFW, Freeport: Karoake with Anthony Varnado 7-11:30pm
George Hawkins and Sandra Wood-Wicke having a Blast on the Brazos!

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